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  • Brume hydratante – rose & géranium - AGRICOL - Citron & Miel
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Citron & Miel

Moisturizing mist – rose & geranium - AGRICOL

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Toning lotion to balance and soothe delicate skin or skin damaged by urban pollution. Composed of a blend of botanical active ingredients to tone and moisturize the skin. Its composition allows targeted action for sensitive, dry and mature skin.

The emollient action of the moisturizing mist prepares the skin for hydration. It allows your nourishing treatment (nourishing oil and/or radiance serum) to penetrate more into your skin and contributes to its effectiveness.

Key ingredients:

  • Damask rose hydrosol : This treatment is perfect for all skin types, especially mature, irritated, reactive or blotchy skin. Rose hydrosol acts as a toner and is an effective anti-wrinkle treatment.

  • Geranium hydrosol : This treatment is particularly recommended to soothe sunburn and skin irritations. It is both an astringent and an antiseptic, which makes it an excellent skin balancer.

  • Wild rose extract : This precious ingredient is perfect for all skin types, especially mature, sensitive and irritated skin. Skin tonic and regenerator, rose extract helps maintain skin suppleness. It is also a must to soothe and calm irritations.

  • aloe juice : A moisturizing treatment par excellence, aloe juice soothes, hydrates and heals the skin. It has tensor and regenerating effects, which makes it a must to reduce dull skin and promote hydration.

  • Vitamin C : Promoting the production of collagen and reducing the signs of aging, vitamin C is a powerful cosmetic active ingredient that is essential for nourishing the skin.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive and mature skin.

Feel on the skin: Cooling, soothing and hydrating feeling

Aroma: Delicious fresh and floral scent

Zone d'application : Face

Use : After cleansing your skin (facial cleansing oil), spray onto face and allow to penetrate. Then apply your favorite moisturizer (nourishing oils or radiance serum).

Complete list of ingredients: hydrosols (damask rose, rosat geranium), aloe juice, water, vegetable glycerin, wild rose extract, vitamin C (preservatives), natural antibacterial & antifungal (preservatives).


Warnings and contraindications : This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs.