D.I.Y Ornements de Noël en argile naturel terracotta - Citron & Miel

D.I.Y Terracotta Natural Clay Christmas Ornaments

We thought it would be a sweet idea to offer you a DIY activity to celebrate the arrival of December. Nothing better than a little tinkering to slow down a bit, right?


To make your Christmas ornaments you will need the following things:


  • natural no-fire clay  here 
  • Christmas cookie cutters  or a glass to make Christmas balls 
  • a rolling pin
  • sticks 
  • cotton or faux suede threads (the ones you have on hand) here

Feel free to rummage through your cupboards to find what you need. 

DIY argile

Steps to follow: 

  1. make a ball with the clay and flatten it with a rolling pin until you obtain the desired thickness between 1 to 2 cm to prevent the ornaments from breaking easily
  2. use your cookie cutters to get the "flaflafla" shapes you like
  3. make a small hole at the top of each ornament with a craft stick or straw to insert the string after drying. Allow to air dry for at least 24 hours
  4. once they are dry put your string and TADADA you are ready to decorate your Christmas tree. 

You also have the option of drawing on your ornaments with a white permanent marker here

Have fun and above all have a good time with your family.