About Lemon&Miel


Citron&Miel is a young Montreal-based online stationery and lifestyle store that was founded by Tsiky in late 2020. 

Tsiky or Tsikimamy is first of all a photographer but since her youngest 

age she still had this love of drawing. She took a few weeks of illustration classes in Madagascar in a Germanic cultural center. 

She doesn't define herself as a graphic designer or an illustrator but rather as a creative soul in constant search of a way to express herself. 

Self-taught, she continues to explore all facets of illustration and stationery. And she thinks of getting into abstract painting on canvas (to be continued).

She started creating cards because she had this desire to continue this tradition of handwriting and sending love in the mail.

Citron&Miel is convinced that handwritten messages touch hearts more than a text message or an email.

That's why we have a beautiful collection of greeting cards illustrated according to our inspirations of the moment and printed on 100% recycled paper in Montreal. 

It's a benevolent, colorful and sometimes humorous universe filled with good touches to let people around us know that we are thinking of them. 

Citron&Miel is also a place where you will find posters of different styles that will fit perfectly with any decor. 

Our online store also offers various carefully chosen lifestyle products, the majority of which are made in Quebec and the rest in Canada. Here you will find good, beautiful and sweet.